HENDRICKSON ROAD HOUSE Hendrickson Road House (WHCD033)

  1. Forget About You
  2. Theatre King
  3. Things I Never Had
  4. Everybodyís Told You
  5. Sunny Day Rain
  6. Classical Misconceptions (Part I & II)
  7. Tomorrow Your Sorrow
  8. Helping Hand
  9. Thatís All There Ever Was
  10. I Wondered If You Knew
  11. Yesircantoo
  12. The Seed That Grows

Bonus tracks

  1. Tomorrow Your Sorrow (aka Extension II) (single mix)
  2. Forget About You (single mix)
  3. Back To Time
  4. Four And Twenty Blackbirds
  5. Beachcomber
  6. Canít Deny It

Recorded to showcase the prodigious talents of teenage singer/songwriter Sue Eakins, the Hendrickson Road House album was issued in 1970 as a limited edition pressing by the Ojai-based Two:Dot studio/label.  Widely regarded these days as one of the rarest vinyl artefacts to emerge from the late Ď60s Californian counterculture, the LP now sells for increasingly large sums of money on the rare occasions that copies surface.  Now available for the first time in more than forty years, this authorised reissue adds half-a-dozen fascinating bonus tracks, including alternative mixes of two of the albumís finest songs, only briefly available at the time as a 7Ē that was credited to Nibbus (a name the group briefly considered before settling on Hendrickson Road House).  With rare photos, interview quotes and the full Hendrickson Road House story, this is the definitive edition of a lost classic of the West Coast psychedelic folk genre.


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